Top 2 Sources of Buying Exclusive Life Insurance Leads

Having steady supply of quality life insurance leads is simply inevitable for a successful career as a life insurance agent. There are many online lead generating companies that provide paid leads to the insurance agents. However, knowing which company you should work with is very important to determine whether you would have an average or an award-winning career.  It will be sheer wastage of money, time and effort, unless you can choose the right lead vendor that offers superior quality leads at an affordable price.

Sources of good quality leads

Although most lead generation companies claim to offer exclusive, non-shared insurance leads, yet in reality they hardly do this. As a result, the number of lead vendors, especially the online ones is shrinking rapidly. Now, there are only a few reputed and legitimate lead companies as opposed to thousands in the industry. Here are some useful tips for buying quality leads for insurance.

Buy Mortgage Protection Response Cards –

You may buy Mortgage Protection Response Cards. There are many companies that generate fresh life leads by sending direct mails to the new homebuyers for mortgage life insurance. The homebuyers then fill out the response cards sent by these companies and show their interest in getting information regarding life insurance to ensure protection of their mortgage. Such homebuyers are really interested to talk to a qualified agent. The homeowners need to provide their name, amount of mortgage, contact address and phone number, date or birth and their lender’s name in the response card. The direct mailing agencies then collect these cards and sell them to the agents. You can buy response cards and contact the homebuyers with your products and services.  You can consider these homebuyers as prospective leads. Response card sellers usually sell cards in bulk, at least 50 to 100 cards at a time to one agent. The prices of these cards vary from company to company.

Buy online leads –

There are many online lead generation companies that use Internet to generate leads. They collect the information of individuals looking for life insurance. Such companies get these interested insurance shoppers through an online process in which the individuals need to provide their personal information including their name, contact address, contact number and other details against insurance quotes from different life insurance companies. The prospects also need to provide permission to let the agents contact them with their products and services. The lead vendors compile these prospects depending on their geographical location and sell personal information of them to the insurance agents serving that particular locality. You may buy online life insurance leads from such online lead vendors. There is no dearth of lead vendors; still you need to be watchful while choosing one to deal with.

Things to be considered

Buying leads is undoubtedly a great option to get steady supply of prospective customers throughout the year. However, you must consider some factors before investing your hard-earned dollars for buying leads. Make sure you spend money for genuine leads, not bogus ones.

  • Before you spend some dollars and set an appointment, ask the lead provider to arrange for some test appointments.
  • If you buy life leads from an online lead generation company, don’t forget to check their refund policy before making payments.
  • Make sure your chosen lead vendor sells exclusive leads. Spending money for shared and non-exclusive leads is nothing but sheer wastage of money.

Discussed sources no doubt can help you get good life insurance leads and thus enhance your sales figures. There are other options too that also you can consider.

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