The Inside Matter – What The Investors Really Want?

If you are in the financial trade, you would absolutely know just how hard it is to answer the above questions. The financial market is a tricky business and investors are on a constant watch to make smart financial decisions so that they won’t suffer any loss.

So much for the tricky business

There are a lot of ups and downs, some decisions will work and bring success while others will fail. But it’s very challenging to interpret exactly what the investors want. There is a lot to acquire from the financial market. And everyone has their own reasons to linger into this finance biz. There are many factors that impact the financial decisions of the investors. Their behavior, their planning, their actions are affected by more than one thing.

Investors’ visions are clear. There is no place for poverty in their visions, no place for the regret of their losses. They only nurture the hopes and dreams of riches and profits galore.

Investors want many things; these are just some of the ever-expanding list:

Investments should equal high profits

Someone once said, “It is very easy to find things at fair prices than to find it for free.” Likewise, it is easier to find investments with equal profit and risk margins than to find investments with profit margin higher than the risks involved. Investments that have higher profit margins than the risks involved are the best candidates to invest in.

A healthy saving-spending ratio

Investors always want to save for tomorrow while spending their money wisely in the present. There is a fine line between the saving and spending ratio. Analyzing and accounting allow the average investor to strike a fine balance between how much he has to save and exactly how much he is allowed to spend. The conflicting desires to spend more than saving can be avoided through some well-practiced self-control.

Investors want products not ideas

Investors know the difference between a good idea and a good business. They engross themselves and properly evaluate potential investments to put their money behind efficient products rather than gamble on great ideas. They really know how to spot a great investment. They understand a good investment must be a good product, not just an idea that sounds great on paper with no proof of its success rate.

Investors want a sustainable product

Investors like to indulge in products that are sustainable in the market. The customers must accept the product and there needs to be a large market for that. When money is in question, the product must have a genuine following. Numbers don’t matter but if it has a genuine sales record with some reputable clients then the investors feel somewhat safe to commit in that product.

Investors want the freedom from the fear of losing

Though the investors have similar wants, they are quite different when it comes to the terms of reality. Investors want, they rather hope to always reap profits, always gain the riches. What investors really want is the freedom from fearing the loss. Every investor knows that there will be some success and there will be definitely some losses. It totally depends on the investor to embrace this fact and hope of riches rather fearing the losses.

Investors want no overriding emotions

The purport of the investors is that they want to succeed no matter what. They know the dangers, the risks of the game they play yet they keep on playing and win. Too much emotion can misguide them into highlighting the profits and obscuring the risks when the reality is quite the opposite. Sometimes their erroneous thoughts drive their ability of decision-making.

Sometimes emotions can affect their skills and chances yet they need to have a healthy balance of emotions to make that perfect decision that the situation demands. Investors want to be in control of their situation, to always end up on the winning side.

Investors want the freedom from procrastinating

Investors feel exuberant when they earn profit from their investments, their joy knows no boundaries. But when it comes to suffering the losses in terms of their investments, they procrastinate. Investors don’t want to ever face the losses; they want the freedom from the procrastinating phase. They don’t want their financial decisions to go awry because then they have to retrospect and recover from it.


Investors want fairness to be the endgame. They like to play on their own terms and then win but that certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t respect the game. Investors want proper respect for what they do. They want to invest in their future for their children and their families. They want to avoid taxes and make the most of their trading investments.

But what all investors must understand and remember is the fact that investments are not all about the money, they are about the life beyond the term “Money”.