Things You Will Need When Starting a Business

Starting a business isn’t easy. Many t’s need to be crossed and i’s dotted before a business can even open its doors.

Key components to opening a business include writing a good business plan, securing financing, finding a building and ordering inventory if it’s a retail business. New business owners must also deal with government red tape, which includes making sure the business is allowed under the zoning code, getting a business license and registering to pay income and employment taxes as well as other fees a government may impose.

None of this is much fun, but it has to be done. When it’s done, however, it’s time for a business owner to turn to things that can be considered more fun, the things that give a business its personality.

An entrepreneur needs to let people know he’s open for business. One of the first steps in this process should be to obtain a logo. A logo defines a business’s identity, so a business owner really needs to think about the message he wants his logo to convey. Once the owner has a concept, a graphic artist can turn this into reality.

Logos can be used in numerous ways: the sign on the building, advertisements, websites and printed materials including business cards and letterhead, to name a few uses.

A website is a good way to tell the world about a business, and a wonderful place for that new logo. A business owner can find lots of free or inexpensive templates to use for designing simple websites. She can also turn to a website designer for a site that is more sophisticated and may include animated graphics or an online store. Finding the right web host also is important.

A public relations campaign is part of the new business process. Besides a website, a business owner may want to advertise in the media such as magazines, newspapers and broadcast stations, and send out news releases to local media. A 21st century media campaign also utilizes social networking to spread the message.

Logos can be turned into computer graphics, so a business owner can easily insert one into templates for items such as letterhead stationery, invoices, fax transmittal sheets and purchase orders.

The business owner also needs to establish a checking account to pay business expenses, including payroll. While a logo and business name can be put on personal checks, nothing conveys professionalism better than business checks. While designs may not be as wildly colorful as personal checks, business checks send a message that this business is to be taken seriously, that it conducts business in a trustworthy, professional manner. Computer-generated checks add to this level of professionalism.

In addition to regular business checks, a business owner may want to consider business payroll checks, which make it easy for employees to see what has been deducted from their paychecks.