Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Personal Finance Software

Do you find it extremely difficult to manage your investments or personal finances?

If yes, then a good personal finance software program can well be the answer to all your worries. There are quite a few software programs that are notch above the rest. Some finer programs are ideally designed for maintaining household budget without any difficulty. On the other hand, you will find programs that have proved perfect for the investors and small businesses. So you are left with plenty of options, and at times it can be extremely confusing. This write-up discusses some interesting options and in the process makes a sincere effort to answer your question of how to find the perfect personal finance software.

The most important part at the time of selecting your personal finance software is to consider whether it includes all the qualities or features you require. Another crucial consideration is to judge whether it’s user-friendly or not. In this context, your familiarity quotient with the financial software and its related technology would determine as to how advanced the software program should be.

Perfect personal finance software invariably includes the following qualities:

  • Ability to graph your investments.
  • Finding suitable brokerage and mortgage account deals on the basis of your investment pattern.
  • Categorization of the spending pattern.
  • Making arrangements for all electronic payments.
  • Tracking 401K.
  • Calculating net worth.
  • Receiving stock reports.
  • Providing safe access to online investment accounts.
  • Ability to create your financial statements and
  • Helping you out with your retirement plans.

The following detailed descriptions of some popular personal finance software programs would definitely help your decision making process:

Personal Assistant Premium

This powerful software program helps to manage all types of financial transactions like bills, bank accounts, investment portfolios, credit cards, etc. This reasonably priced program provides loads of information and can be accessed through iPod Touch or iPhones. Although free version of this program is available, it would not be wise to use it for managing confidential financial data. Always go for paid version of personal assistant premium as it provides password protection and complete security of data.


MoneyStrands is known for its interesting money management tips. You can easily download this software from the internet for free in order to obtain a larger picture of all your financial transactions. Its iPhone app also comes for free. However, the best part is its social network which allows free exchange of ideas with the other members. The social network of this program also makes suggestions and tips according to your financial condition and lifestyle.

Quicken Premier

The quicken premier is one of the most popular online programs through which you can keep track of your finances quite easily. It connects you with your online bank account at a lightning fast speed. Electronic payments in particular can be done with its help smoothly.

Your search for the perfect personal finance software can come to an end after getting introduced with It’s user-friendly and free of cost. The tools for managing the finances are wonderful at the same time. The task of estimating net worth along with analyzing your spending patterns can be done from anywhere with its help. Moreover, it is designed to keep your sensitive financial data safe against all online frauds and scams. You can also import data from the website to bank account for your convenience. Those who constantly move about, can access the application from their phone.

Final Say

Read the review, which has scored the maximum number of points. But because tastes and preferences differ from people to people, experiment with some of the selected programs for finding the perfect fit as per your requirement.