Online Letting Agents Versus Traditional Letting Agents

Letting agents are the mediators or persons who allow landlords and tenants to search houses or other properties for rent or exclusive sale/purchase purposes in their specific areas.  They not only serve for the purpose of searching but also play part in arranging tenancy and sale agreements, arranging references and credit checking, managing inventories and bespoke services. Such agents not only can be searched in the markets where they have their authorized offices or franchises but also on the internet though which they render these services. The only distinction between them is that the online agents serve exclusively through the internet though they deal in all the areas mentioned above. Similar to the traditional agents that work in the market, online agents have collaborations with other companies which play their role as their partners. Experian is an example of such companies which work for both of them and play roles such as credit checking. Searching out a letting agents in bury is not tough at all as the area has a vast real estate business which has attracted many letting agencies within its domain.

Similarly there are many online letting agents who are providing letting services there and they are equally efficient in this regard.  But always consider a few things before acquiring such services as various frauds have been seen in this market over the years. These agents should comply with the relevant acts which have been formulized by the government to ensure safety of your finances. Now I will give you an idea of the differences that demarcate traditional and online letting agents.

Traditional Shop Window Agents

The monthly commission fee that is normally charged by traditional estate or letting agents in bury is in a region of 8 to 15 percent of the landlords monthly rent and most the time they also charge an added fee for the purpose of administration. Such administration includes services of formulating tenancy agreements, reference checking, managing inventories etc.

Online Letting Agents

On the other hand, a single one off charge is charged by the online agents on any of the bespoke services that a landlord may ask for. No commission or administration fee is normally charged by them. The reason behind them being cheaper than traditional agents in this regard is that they do not have to bear the overhead expenses that are involved in shop window. This factor has greatly influenced landlords to go for online agents and it is also a normal trend these days that tenants search out for properties using internet rather than visiting the local agents. The additional services that are acquired from online letting agents such as reference checking, agreements compilation etc are also for a single payment and some even provide some of these services for free.


So if you are looking for letting agents in Bury, than searching through the internet is a good option but also make sure the creditability and reliability of the ones you hire.

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