Investing Money: Great Deals Ever

As a financial article writer lots of time I got financial investments advice from my friends, collogues and other professional friends, most of them are non materials like non productive advices. Most of them advice had connected some unethical works and some have hidden charges involves. So I was thinking that what is the right way to invest money and what is the right deal for investing money.

The biggest challenge in investment was the unavailability of cash funds. Yes I didn’t have the funds for investing but I wished to do something for myself. One day one of my senior business friends came to me for formal meeting and he told me a great idea actually it was a Great deal ever for me. This was taking a mortgage loan against my residential property. I got the idea immediately and applied for mortgage loan in a bank. Bank provided me the loan within eight working days. I used these funds to start up a business and this business gave me lots of revenue. I got very good interest amount as return from this investment and it became a great deal ever for me as an investment.

So the overall massage indicates the way of earning more money in minimum time is a real investment of funds. We should very careful before start any new business. There are so many ideas to invest your hard money and make lots of returns. Making money is very difficult in current scenario, because of the market behavior means slow down of share market and bed situation of Indian currency. Inflation rate is going too high and our economy is moving to recession. If your goal of investment is high then you will be got more option rather than short term investment. There are many types of investment like one time and in regular monthly or yearly investment. SIP is one of the very strong options in regular investment. We can invest directly in market if we have a demat account. Apart from this investment in real estate is also a very good option, if we have any residential or commercial property, we just need to mortgage the current property and get raise the funds and invest these funds in those business where we can get the maximum returns against your investments.

Generally anyone wants to earn maximum money on their investment and then they should start a new business. Nature of business may be anyone but the same should be easy to handle. To start any business need to think about the market stake of the business and current customer base in market. The easiest way of start the best business is to identify the maximum demand of the product and check the supply chain. If the demand of the product is high and supply is low, than it will very easy to establish business and get the maximum return from that. Investment is like a small tree, we need to care it regularly and long time. After long term saving of this we will definitely get a handsome amount as return. People do regular save money and put it in their bank accounts or some FD or some dead funds like RD in banks, we must get returns from this but it is very less amount of its value or we can say it is dead, because inflation rate is increasing more than 10% in a years and banks are providing returns not more than 9 %. So in my opinion we all should invest either in share market or in any real estate business like purchase any kind of property in your city but be care full at the time of purchase any property in your city, because it is risky.