Affordable Yet Romantic Anniversary Ideas For Couples

Whether you are celebrating one month, six month, one year or ten year, celebrating an anniversary is a magnificent way to remember old memories and remind each other how special your relationship and bonding is. However, celebrating a romantic anniversary doesn’t mean that you have to add luxury to the enjoyment. Luckily; it can be both affordable and romantic.

Recreation of wedding night menu

Recreate a special meal with your partner. For this you can choose recipes together, go out for shopping ingredients and then cook together a romantic meal. This will flash your after marriage memories in front of you.

Have a romantic staycation

This includes being at home, but with an extra touch of some special things like having a candle light dinner at home with the usual home cooked dinner but with extra special desserts and wine. For this you don’t need any reservations or bookings.

Have a personal photo shoot

You can list some of the favourite places nearby and have your own photo shoot. Spend your time by going to places that holds special meaning to you and your partner and relish your memories.

Go to the places in the neighbourhood which means special to you

Have a journey to all the places that means special to both like the first restaurant to which you had been, the pier where the funny memory took place, the first shop from which you shopped together.

Watch wedding video

As most of the people haven’t watched their wedding video properly, anniversary is a great opportunity to remember the special day. You can also watch the video of the vacation you took together or some other memorable occasion. You can also have a look at your wedding album.

Do something new

Going for dinner, candle light dinner, movies are common in anniversaries .Try to do something which you both always wanted to explore but have never done.

Find out a cute way to document the special day

Make a very sweet video together which you can watch for years to come and relish memories. You can call an artist to sketch your photo together which you can keep with you for the rest of lifetime.

Match gift with the anniversary year

Suppose this is your fourth anniversary give four roses, if it is second anniversary bring a two storied cake, if it is tenth anniversary leave a ten minutes message. This will in a way strengthen the bond of your relationship.

Give thoughtful gifts to your partner

There are certain traditional gifts for each anniversary year which one can give. For example paper is the traditional gift for first year. You can give a book, love letter or somethinIdeas For CouplesIdeas For Couplesg associated with paper. One can search for the traditional gifts online.

Be together

Turn off your mobile, stop checking mobile, take the day off from work just spend some time together. Take out each other from your busy lives and be together because that is what anniversary is.