The Best List Blogs to Read When You’re House Hunting

House hunting is either the most fun thing that you can do or one of the most stressing. On the one hand, it’s exciting, because there are just so many houses each so different from the next, and it’s interesting to imagine, each time, what you life would be like in each house. On the other hand, though, finding exactly the right house can take a long time, and this will start to tax on your mental strength – you might be tempted to just give up and settle for some hovel without a bathroom. This doesn’t need to happen, though. Taking your tim is the best thing to do, and you can speed up the process a little by knowing exactly what to look for. Reading house hunting blogs can be extremely useful, so here are our favourite blogs to read while house hunting.

Get your house fix!’ says the sub title of the page, and it’s not a false advertisement either. Join Julia as she writes, more accurately, raves on and on about her favourite thing in the whole world – houses. While this is not literally a house hunting blog, and rather just a blog with some of the world’s more unique houses along with tips on how you can achieve some of the same looks, it is nevertheless an extremely valuable resource for house hunters who don’t just want another normal-looking home. If you’re a little eccentric and place a lot of value on being completely comfortable in your own home – in other words, if you are passionate about houses – then this is the blog for you.

Are you the type to walk into a room and see a blank canvas. Do you tremble at the prospect of inspecting a new house, because each is radically different from the next, and the possibilities are so exhausting? Then Live Breathe Décor is the blog for you. Run by a decorator based in Melbourne, Live Breathe Décor collects and explores different types of houses and their decoration. They can be arranged by theme or palette, so if matching is important to you, check it out.

Finally, if you’re not too crazy about houses, but do need to know the essential bits and bobs of the process, and then check out It’s the sort of blog that tells you everything you need to know, from tips in inspecting, to figuring out the real asking price, to finding the right time to install solar panels.