Why Are MetaTrader Forex Brokerages Vital for Smooth Trading?

Since the release of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) by theMetaQuotesSoftware Corporation, many brokerages have obtained this program’s licensing privileges to provide this trading customer to dealers under the agents’ wing. Indeed, nowadays, there are many MetaTrader Forex brokerages, and the quantity is defined to grow. Why is this brainchild of MetaQuotes so famous amidst brokers?

What do you think is the most crucial step to get started with trading with Forex? It is choosing a broker who can provide a robust terminal to trade on. This is an age where investment and trading strategies are evolving at unmatchable speed. If you have some outdated system, it may put you at the risk of competitive disadvantage. This means you will be having missed security threats and trading opportunities.

Benefits of heading under MetaTrader Forex Brokers

Here are the exclusive advantages associated with the MetaTrader Forex Brokers.

Expert advisors:

The Expert advisors are programs that perform trades predicated on a particular group of guidelines and instructions. It gives one of the key known reasons for the recognition of the MetaTrader program. The usage of expert advisors probably allows professionals to operate hands-off essentially, or at least trade minus the effect of greed or dread.

Expert advisors were created and programmed with a C-like program writing language known as MQL4. Therefore, stock traders fluent in these particular languages can customize their own expert advisors or create them from scrape. These expert advisors will, essentially, imitate the trading tendencies create by their developers, deciding the viability of the trade predicated on only logic exclusively.

Available Free of Charge:

The MetaTrader trading system is free-of-charge. Which means that you can download the trading system from any MetaTrader Forex Brokerages or straight from the MetaTrader web page itself and run it on your pc without paying a single cent.


The MT4, typically the most popular version provided by virtually all MetaTrader Forex Brokerages, is very user-friendly. Its software is intuitively designed, and the requirements are all plainly organized for the investor. For instance, in the “Charts” windowpane, the toolbar is made up of useful tools such as pip rulers and line-drawers to provide traders a visual aid when choosing the execution of a specific trade.

Exciting MT4 community:

The MT4 community can be a lively one. Many developers have created and sold expert advisors to professionals, and these professionals positively review the tool of the expert advisors. Furthermore, MQL4 developers frequently create custom signals, and show them on various Forex community forums. It has resulted in a flourishing market for pre-made expert advisors and in addition, has resulted in the creation of several expert advisors and custom signals for the city.

How do you start trading on MT4?

As stated, it is free-of-charge to download MT4. However, you can only just operate in Forex with this system by going right through a MetaTrader BROKERAGE. The broker will become the middleman, consolidating and performing orders from merchants. Luckily, due to the recognition of MT4, most major Forex agents, such as Oanda and AvaFX allows traders to operate through MT4 as well as their own internal developed platforms. Hence, it is no surprise that MetaTrader happens to be typically the most popular trading system with financial investors. With so many advantages from using this system, the explanation for the plethora of MetaTrader Forex Brokerages is self-explanatory.

Best MT4 Forex brokers 2020- Now explained!

One of the essential key tools, especially for online traders, is the trading platform! You will find that Meta Trader 4 (MT4), developed by MetaQuotes Software, is one of the most commonly known trading platforms. It was initially released in the year 2005. And now, it is the most widely adopted trading platform by brokers of the Forex industry. Indeed, there are many stances that testimonies the popularity of the platform! First of all, it is famous because it was launched as the first mainstream trading platform to come with an in-built scripting language, called the MQL4! This helps the traders to create their own EAs. Yes, that is extensively used in automated trading and algorithmic trading.

If you are looking for a charting package, the MT4 trading platform comes with a charting package option. Indeed, you will find the charts to support multiple timeframes and supports a large library of technical indicators.

Here, we are enlisting the top MT4 brokers as per the year 2020! It is to note that not all the Forex brokers you come across accept US clients. But, in this case, there is a listing of those who accept US Forex traders as clients.

List of the top MT4 brokers

FP Markets

It was founded in 2005, and now it is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (ASIC). It offers segregation of the funds of the clients and also a top tier liquidity approach. Contextually, FP Markets is a group of firms that includes First Prudential Markets Ltd. The same is regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This platform offers a range of market and education analysis resources through the Traders Hub! Yes, it includes both technical as well as fundamental analysis. The only disadvantage you can find here is the volume of the accounts’ choices and the markets may be more overwhelming for the beginners.


XTB is a famous online brokerage company that effectively deals in CFD and FX. If we dig in more for specific terms, it mainly offers Indices, Forex, Stock CFDs and also crypto trading. The company is known to establish in the year 2002, and previously, it was popularly known as X-Trade. You will find that XTB has two trading platforms, MT4, and the trading platforms offered that are created by themselves. A[art from the advantages it offers, there are some cons for choosing this MT4 broker. It offers fewer Forex pairs than some of the top competitors. And there is no option for 24/7 support.


This company offered Forex ECN trading and was founded in 2007. Through this, you can also opt for CFD trading on cryptocurrencies, metals, and indices. It offers its services across cTrader suit and Meta Trader trading platforms. If you are looking for the tradable products from this company, it can vary, and it majorly depends on the type of account that you opened. So, you may find limited commodity markets and no individual stock CFDs. Also, not that there are limited withdrawal and deposit options. Indeed, highlighting the plus points offers access to copy trading and various bonus promotions with an extensive range of research tools.


You may hear of Swissquote Bank Ltd! Indeed, it is an online Forex and derivative trading broker that offers a total trading package that is well outlined beyond that of the Forex and CFDs. It is a multi-lingual portal which is available in 10 languages, giving it an extensive linguistic spread. So, it is successful in accommodating traders from various countries. It is famous since it is also the sponsoring partner of Manchester United Football Club!


ATFX is a CFD and Forex broker that is regulated and authorized by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. If you are looking to trade on multiple trading instruments, including commodities, metals, oils, Forex, shares, and cryptocurrencies, this can be a perfect choice! It goes on for the MT4 trading platform for iPhone, Android, Web, and Desktop. The only disadvantage that you get by using this is you will not get access to MetaTrader 5 yet. Indeed, you will find the most impressive trader education resources here!

The bottom line

Contextually, even though the MT4 trading platform has been known for more than a decade now, it is still the most popular trading platform today! Get your understanding sink in with the above information for a profitable trade.