How to Save on Foods & Groceries to Stay Financially Healthy

I want to start this write-up with a little bit of info about me. I am a part-time professional who loves doing her job online. I get plenty of time to spend my spell in kitchen every day. And truly speaking, I love cooking all kinds of cuisines.

For every cook, it is important to make a fine balance between tasty dishes and health quotient. There are some smart ideas – which I always apply – as to saving on grocery and other food items while paying attention to physical well-being of my family members.

It is really amazing that despite availability of so many simple tips to be financially and physically richer by saving money on food items, we end up inflating our budget. One reason could be that we now love dining out. It is now almost a fashion for the urban people, especially the young generation, to celebrate food and mood at a restaurant at least once/twice week.

Such a practice not only adds to their expenses by manifolds but also works against their physical well-being. Eating at home is a good habit and works towards making you both physically and financially healthy.

Here is a checklist of some simple rules that I follow to save on my food expenses while ensuring that I stay in good shape.

Spend within Limit

Other way to put this advice is don’t overspend! It is a common practice to buy the largest container as it costs less due to reduced price/unit. However, it is better not to go with bulk purchase. You will definitely save on what the total amount would have come at but at the same time, you will overspend in a month.

And now judge the situation from a different angle. Bulk purchase often encourages us to enjoy more food and that is very unhealthy. Buy food in small containers as that will keep your budget in check and also prevent you from overeating.

Decide menu on what is available

Now you tend to think that I don’t like planning. However, that is not the case always. When it comes to grocery purchase, first check what is available today in the market and on your return to home, decide what you could prepare with those items. In addition to financial benefits, you will also love cooking foods on what you currently have at your disposal. Just like what you see in Master Chef Program, isn’t it?

Eat at home

It requires labor in kitchen but there is no alternative to ‘eating home’ option if staying healthy physically and financially is your priority. Eating out once in a blue moon is fine but if it happens more than often, get rid of such habit.

Eat less, eat healthy

Don’t misunderstand me! I am not suggesting that you should starve often to save your budget. That is not a pragmatic idea to save and will also be detrimental to your health. However, you cannot deny that many of us are in practice of almost stuffing our tummy. Overeating invites health hazards. You can avoid such uneasiness by eating less, especially at night. It will also add to your financial health.

Save on petrol/diesel charge

Online purchase is a new-age sensation. Due to convenience and low price, shoppers are drifted towards the idea. They do think that they save fuel charge via online purchase. However, low-price often encourages the buyers to overspend. Don’t part way with traditional shopping but purchase grocery when you are returning from office. Don’t make a separate trip for grocery shopping and treat it as an added activity. Killing both birds with a single stone is a fine idea to save your fuel expenses.

Get coupons

They are available on practically anything. There are many people who never buy anything without checking if coupons are available. There is no denying the fact that these are promotional tips used by stores but these are great tools to save.

Go organic

A great way to keep your budget in control while still staying healthy is to go organic. Organic foods are often considered costly but if you retail them directly from the farmers, you will save a great deal. Organic foods are healthy as no pesticide and chemical fertilizer is used in growing them. You can also buy them online and at local stores. However, once they get a ‘no chemical’ tag on the packet, prices go up. If you want to buy organic goods at low prices, get those from the farmers.

I believe there are more

There is simply no end to money saving tips on healthy living. Most importantly, you need to understand and learn the art of money management to save on expenses. I have shared what is in my stock and believe there are plenty you can share. What is your plan to save money while sticking with ‘stay fit and fine’ resolution? Leave your thoughts here and stay connected to us.

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