Career Advice: 10 Well-paid Jobs in the 2020s

While searching for the best jobs of the 2020s, the crucial thoughts which strike most of us are, which will be the well-paid jobs and which sectors will undergo intense expansion in the coming years? As we all know that change is constant, it is likely that there will be a global revolution in cultural, social, environmental, economic and technological sectors in the future. Although we are aware of the fact that tomorrow’s jobs will be based on today’s technological and scientific advances, there will be additional job opportunities which we might not even have imagined. That’s why it is important to keep track of new opportunities and know techniques for getting a well-paid job if you are a graduate students.

With lots of current occupations to stay in 2020, there will probably be a few occupations which might undergo transformations. Out of the many options available, it will be a tough choice to decide between following one’s passion or inheriting family business and careers.

If you are seeking career advice to make your future bright, our below list of 10 well-paid jobs of 2020 will help you explore profiles from various industries that are expected to grow tremendously in the next decade.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

With the growing demand for eco-friendly products and services, people are looking forward to adapting natural resources in their everyday lives. As solar power is becoming more affordable day by day, from large industries to small neighbourhoods, there will be an increase in the number of people using solar power in the future. This stable and ever-growing industry which makes a positive difference to the world will open doors for solar photovoltaic installers in 2020. In fact, as per the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, it is one of the highest projected careers for the next decade growing at an astonishing rate of 105.3%.

Solar photovoltaic installers are also known as PV installers and are highly skilled technicians who can efficiently carry out the strenuous task of assembling, installing and maintaining the solar panel systems on rooftops and other structures. To become a solar photovoltaic installer, one must possess a minimum of high school diploma and should undergo on-the-job training for one year. These courses are widely available at various technical schools and colleges all over the world.

Computer Vision Engineer

There has been a huge demand for computer vision engineers lately. These professionals are responsible forthe building and improvement of the computer vision along with using machine learning algorithms and analytics to detect, categories and track objects. As per International Data Corporation (IDC), the investment in augmented and virtual reality are expected to increase from $11.4 billion in 2017 to $215 billion in 2021, resulting in an increased demand for these professionals.

With the help of computer vision, computers and robots will be able to see images, graphics and visuals as well as being able to better understand the human body language. When installed to the smart TV or a home security system, these devices will be able to recognise our voice and learn about our daily habits. Computer vision engineering can be used from self-driving cars to automated farm equipment, factories and even in the healthcare division where machines will be able to successfully perform the tasks with minimum human intervention.

Health Care Practitioner

Due to the advancement in the health care department, there has been an increase in the average lifespan of the present generation. This has resulted in a greater number of people seeking medical aid for diagnosis and treatments of acute and chronic conditions. Health care practitioners with the right education will continue to get benefit from profitable and productive job openings in the future.

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics has estimated an 18% increase in the healthcare occupation by 2026. With the increasing use of technology in the healthcare division, professionals who possess strong technical skills with the right medical experience will remain at the forefront in the coming years. So, keep updating your skills to hold a steady grip in this competitive environment.

Software Developer

As computers, smartphones and tablets need well-engineered software to give life to their sophisticated hardware, the job of a software engineer will stay for 2020 and beyond. With the increasing development in cloud-based computing and accessible computer technologies, the requirements for professional software developers will expand. From creating simple word processors to productive and engaging mobile apps, software developers will have abundant well-paying options to choose from.

Whether you wish to work as a full-time software developer for a particular company or wish to work as a consulting software engineer, this profession can help you set your foot into different organisations such as commercial, government, educational, healthcare and non-profit organisations. Depending on the nature of the projects, software engineers will get a chance to fill several roles in the next decade. To excel in their career, software engineers can also get a specialisation into either a single role or multiple roles and have various options such as analysis, testing, programming, development, technical support, etc. to choose from.


The role of a statistician is to analyse and apply data in various sectors.With the help of their advanced knowledge of mathematics, prediction and statistical interpretation, statisticians are required to work in various sectors such as government bodies, research institutions, financial services, healthcare services, universities, etc. As there is a continuous change in consumer behaviour, these sectors need statisticians to accurately predicting the upcoming trends and outcomes and for anticipating the problems of the future. The increased dependence of the society on key data and data-rich content has given a boost to this occupation.

In order to perform these duties, statisticians need to meticulously conduct experiments or surveys or polls and apply their principles. Playing a crucial role in major organisations, this job will gain significant importance in 2020. As per a recent study conducted by McKinsey Global, the Big Data mined and analysed by statisticians will soon become the major factor contributing towards the industrial competition and will bring new waves of growth productivity, innovation and consumer behaviour.

Information Security Analyst

The increasing dependence of individuals on information technology has made us more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Criminal hackers are always in search of ways and information to break into a system and use it negatively. To keep this information secure, it becomes mandatory for government and major organisations to protect their IT systems, networks and information from hackers. This has led to the growth in the demand for information security analysts who can ensure the safety of valuable information. Thus, advanced technical knowledge and problem-solving skills can help information security analysts get a high paying job in the next decade.

Most of the information security analyst job requires candidates holding a bachelor’s degree in a computer or software engineering field. As hackers are continuously on the run to find different ways to intervene in the existing security system, analysts who are passionate about creating new and innovative security solutions will be in high demand. This has also increased the demand for improved solutions for preventing hackers from causing serious problems to a computer network or preventing them from stealing sensitive information of an individual or an organisation.

Digital Content Specialist

Another major cultural revolution seen in this decade is the growth in dynamic, interactive, digital and on-demand media. As we intertwine ourselves with digital devices, we seek to consume all sort of information and entertainment digitally. This has given rise to the need for new content and a majority of the organisations have started to generate digital content to increase the sustainability of their businesses. Thus, making lucrative job openings for digital content specialists with different abilities in the areas of writing, internet marketing, multimedia and digital arts.

Individuals holding strong interpersonal skills and having a degree in public relations, journalism, communication, business, marketing or English language can be successful in this field. Many online short-term courses are also available for students who wish to set a foot into this career. Starting with assembling information, to skimming and retaining the relevant information to create digital content, these professionals hold expertise in helping the client in managing healthy relationships with the public. This role can also provide an opportunity for content creators to write blogs, articles, press releases and evaluate the advertising and promotion campaigns carried out by their clients.

Blockchain Developer

The recent buzz in digital cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has gained the interest of many people from different areas. However, very few people understand the technology behind blockchain. This technology works like a well distributed cryptographic ledger which makes various types of economic transactions decentralised, private and faster. As this technology is difficult to understand, the professionals who understand the blockchain technology will be in high demand in the future.

Developing a blockchain is not limited to recording cryptocurrency. Blockchain has efficiently made its way in various sectors and can be used for recording different types of transactions from medical data to shipping information. As blockchain works on the principle of adding new information to the previous information, it is append-only and cannot be modified while going forward. This makes the information stored in blocks difficult to hack and reduces its risk of being exposed to cyber-attacks. Hence, it is being widely accepted by companies such as IBM, Samsung and various car manufacturers giving rise to the demand of blockchain developers.

Commercial or Civil Drone Pilot

As the drones are likely to take over in the next decade, the government is finding out ways to regulate its use. Apart from its present use in military and recreational areas, drones will soon be increasingly used for different commercial and civil applications.

Companies such as Amazon who plan to carry out their activities through drones will be in constant need of drone pilots and dispatchers to efficiently manage their fleets of these small remote-controlled aircraft.

After the incidents of unintentional collisions and interferences of drones with other aircraft, most of the government bodies in major countries follow strict regulations for the usage of drone for civil and commercial applications. This has increased the demand for licensed drone pilots

Project Based Human Resource Professional

With the evolution of work practices all over the world, the functions and responsibility of the human resource department have also changed to align itself with the best practices adopted by an organisation. As more and more companies are adopting the project-based employment models, it is likely that human resource professionals will be in high demand for selecting and coordinating with the prospective freelance or remote workers for individual projects. Today, organisations need human resource professionals who have the ability to contribute towards the development and accomplishment of organisation wide business plan, objective and projects. Professionals with a good understanding of talent management and hiring processes and a deep knowledge about the work patterns in systems in which employees can help achieve the business goals will find many profitable job openings in 2020.

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