Budget and Saving Rules – Cheap Christmas Decoration Ideas

The holiday season is upon us which calls for too much of expenses, if the planning is not done properly. You must be thinking about what to spend on and what to save on; the pocket pinch on Christmas decorations can exceed budgets if not kept in check.

Like you save money on Christmas gift items, you can save a lot on your Christmas decorations.

Christmas celebrations can be kept in limits with some of the pre-planning notes if kept in mind that you do with wisdom. For those looking for a more pocket friendly Christmas decor, the following ideas may prove helpful: Here they are…

The right Tree:

The most important part of Christmas decorations is the Christmas tree. If you want a tree which is real and yet inexpensive, go for the Do it yourself pine tree retail outlets or online deals. If the budget does not allow, go for a smaller tree. Purchasing online (More on this below) also comes with free home delivery usually. Many also prefer artificial trees, since they can be used again the next few years.

The true idea behind Christmas is having special moments with friends and family. However, most people nowadays think that it is about competing on quality of decorations. Christmas decor items can cause budgets to over shoot very quickly. Thus, one may use, say Pine cones for ornamentation. They can be used to add a touch of class to the front door’s look. For this use a pine cone garland. Next use some florist wire to loop through ornaments. The next step is to carefully set each ornament on a pine cone in the garland. These can then be attached around the door frame using hooks of removable adhesive.

Online Shopping:

There are many online websites which offer great coupon deals. This has allowed many to purchase trees as told above and even decorations at almost half the cost. The coupons are for places where one may not only get the tree, but also get candy and adornments. Some of them also offer free popcorn, cocoa and cider.

House Dress-up:

You may achieve the same holiday warmth around the home by using candles. One may get them at the local grocers. They come cheap but are very effective nonetheless. Arranging them all around the home in groups can add to the holiday look. You may also attach extra ornaments on picture frames of family and friends.

Token Decorations:

Decorations tend to eat up so much into the Christmas holiday celebration budget. Thus, the best thing is to go minimal on ornamentation. This can be achieved by having one color scheme for the decorations. Investing in snow flake or plastic bead garlands, along with some simple homemade ornaments can add to the tree’s look on a simple background.

Budget Friendly Luminaries:

Cheap luminaries can serve as lovely decorations on the steps or pathway to the home. These can be used during evenings and especially when company is expected over. For this, use old glass vases or get some cheap ones from the dollar store near home. Put the false snow in the vase. Put the vase atop some fir bundles with some fake or real cranberries thrown inside (the vase), on the outside the house. This will make the festive season come alive all around you.

Timing the Purchase:

It is always advisable to buy during off season. Thus, buying immediately once the holiday season gets over is always a cash save. Thus, purchasing right after Halloween from last year’s stock clearance, is a great way to cut decoration costs. Although choice of options is not great but savings can be huge.

Hand Me Downs and Second Hand Stores:

You may also want to check in with family for decorations they don’t use anymore. These may have sentimental attachment for you and also provide savings. A tip is to go and ask for the same during thanksgiving itself.

Reused Planters:

Planters and pots are right now stored away for spring. However, they can be used as good decorative items for the holiday season. Some fir trimmings and wood should be used to fill these and give them the holiday flavour.

Eco Friendly Decor:

Fir droppings, tall branches and pine cones should be foraged from around the nearby area. The door maybe provided the holiday touch by using a fir trimming lining. A garland like look may be achieved through the use of fishing wire. Some pots maybe placed on either side of the door with pine cones adorning the branches.

Bow Wreath and Candy Cane Vase:

This is a very quick and cheap way to make a decorative item. One can simply use a Styrofoam wreath and hot glue, bows of various colours on it. Some candy canes can be glued on and tied with a red ribbon on to a can. These will provide a great holiday feel.

All these budget decorations need to be packed away carefully. This is essential since otherwise next season the same efforts will have to be repeated all over again.

The extra shopping during the holiday season cannot be tracked unless you really track your spending. It certainly requires extra intentionality end executed properly. Isn’t it?
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