6 Practical Ways to Save Money

Ways to Save Money

Saving more money is always an important part of a financial plan for many people. Come new year and everyone will have at least one resolution dedicated to their finances. But, saving money especially with all the spending in the holidays may seem a bit difficult.

Saving money isn’t that easy. This can be easily explained by the fact that everyone has different financial situations – all kinds of debt from consumer to student loans, not having enough money to save or they have other important things to take care of.

But, like every financial crisis, the problem how to save money too has a solution. If you are one of those people who does not know how to get started or simply looking for some practical ways to save money, you have come to the right place.

Here are some of the sensible ways you can save more money this year:

#1 Saving with a purpose

When you have a purpose at hand you are more motivated to work towards it. The same thing can be applied to address the question how to save money. Set a goal and decide why you want to save money. It can be as simple as saving for the future or gaining financial security. If you have immediate needs like buying a new car then it can work too. The thing is to stay motivated and having a purpose for saving money makes the process so much easier.

#2 Save before you spend

One of the practical ways to save money every month is to set a fixed amount of money you want to save. When the next paycheck comes the amount will be automatically deposited into your saving account. You can arrange for the automatic deduction and deposit of the money. Save a fixed amount each month, even if it is just a small amount. Over the years the small amount will add up to become a large sum.

  • Set up a separate saving account with an automatic deposit of money on it if you work for a company.
  • Set up a saving account where you can manually deposit money if your source of income isn’t fixed.

#3 Avoid Debt if you can

Stay clear of the credit cards or any kind of debt. Credit cards can be as useful as it can be. But they can also become your biggest reason for the debt. Try to use the money you already have rather than build up a credit. Save them for emergencies.

Some loans are unavoidable like the home or car loans. You cannot pay all the money at once like three-fourth people on the earth. The smartest way to handle the situation is to pay a huge down payment if it is possible so that you have a manageable amount of a debt. Be aware of the upper limit of paying the debt. Most banks will charge at 10% rate but anything under 20% is fine. The upper limit is 36%, beyond it’s dangerous.

#4 Regulate Your budget

One of the important issues you need to deal with when addressing the question: how to save money is your budget. Regulating your budget is one of the most important steps as well as hardest to follow. There are so many things going around that it is difficult to keep track of things. But if you want to save money you will need to eliminate the things from your expenses that are totally unnecessary.

  • Keep track of your expenses. Set a budget every month and stick to it. Assign the money from the budget to important expenses first like food, bills, loans, utilities and etc.
  • Record your expenses every month and review it at the end of the month to see the pattern of your expenditure. This way you can eliminate the unnecessary expenditure.
  • Set the time frame for your goals. You need to decide what exactly you are saving for – a car in 6 months, a house in 2 years or a retirement plan. This will give you a clear picture of how you need to spend your money.
  • Leave the luxuries for the last. When you have extra money that you can spare after taking care of all the other expenses, spend the money on one luxury item. It should not be frequent though.

#5 Looked for cheaper deals

Another way of going thrift is looking for cheaper deals. Whether it’s the apartment, house, clothes or food, you can look for cheaper alternatives.

  • Rent a cheaper apartment. You can find them online or you can share your apartment with a roommate. If you can negotiate a cheaper rent deal with your landlord then it’s great, If not look for cheaper deals.
  • Buy a cheaper house. If you are thinking of taking out loans for buying a house, you may want to consider looking for cheaper deals. Look for lenders who are ready to work out a deal based on your present situation.
  • Cut expenses on food. Try taking your own lunch to the office. Buy fresh foods at cheaper rates. They are nutritious and much cheaper than the processed food anyway. Try eating at home as much as you can. This way you avoid paying for bills at the restaurants.

#6 Reduce Cost of Bills

The bills like electricity, internet, telephone and other kinds of bills can amount to a huge sum in the end. You can try regulating your usage to cut down the cost.

  • Turn off the light when you are not in the room. Why waste the energy and pay for it when you are not using it. Also, it is great for the environment.
  • Use solar panels to save money on energy bills. The solar panels can provide you with the power you need for running various devices.
  • Try to use the air conditioning as less as possible. Make use of the windows and doors to stay cool. Use layers of coverings to stay warm in the winders so that you don’t need the heating system until it’s totally necessary.

These are some of the practical and easier ways to save money this year. Of course, you can add your own method to how to save money list. Saving money will have a huge reward for you in the long term. The earlier you start the better. Start saving now.