3 Gift Ideas to Sweep Her off Her Feet without Spending a Dime

Does your bank balance don’t allow you to plan exotic surprises for your love? Do you often find your hands bound to buy expensive gifts that would sweep her off her feet? Do you feel you can’t whisk her away to a romantic adventure because of lack of funds?

If your answer to all the above questions is a big yes then you need to pay attention. It’s natural to want everything for your girlfriend or your wife, just to see a big smile on their face. Special days like birthdays and anniversaries are meant to be celebrated in a grand way but that does not mean you have to spend a fortune. It is the thought that counts. Women are known to be emotional and a simple romantic gesture can just do the trick than pricey gifts.

Its not about the gift, its about the thought

Though women like jewelry and expensive gifts but that doesn’t mean any special gift that screams love will go unappreciated. In fact, your lady just might love the way you have made her feel special. It is these little things that make them realize how much you care for them and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

When it comes to unique and inexpensive gifts, don’t flatter yourself with the idea of a mix CD or the poster of her favorite rockstar. This may well work for your teenage girlfriend but when your love is an adult and independent, the CD may seem an ordinary option with zero thoughtfulness. Your gift should be something that may not require a fortune to buy but still speaks volumes of your love towards that special someone.

These are the three most unique, inexpensive gift ideas to make her feel special:

Love-filled breakfast:

Nothing kicks off the day better than a simple love-filled breakfast made just for her. Wake up before her and surprise her with a token of your love. Even a simple bread toast, butter and scrambled eggs with a rose will make her happy.  This is ideal for couples who are busy all day in their work as they get to spend some moments together in the morning.

Love notes:

This is a winner when it comes to make her feel loved. Make small notes with cute messages of love and put it everywhere she visits on a usual day. From the bedside table, to the bathroom mirror, from the kitchen counter to your dinning table and even on her car window, leave notes everywhere, she will be absolutely delighted and not to forget surprised. Make it a point she gets these all day as a reminder of your love.

Cook for her with love:

A candlelight dinner may seem clichéd, but believe me; women are always happy when men cook for them. It gives them a well-deserved break from their routine and the idea of a good meal in candlelight with your love never gets old. Just remember that they will appreciate the effort and time you have put in preparing the dinner.

Don’t settle for ordinary; go for out of this world just for her with these ideas. Remember you spend nothing but the effect is “Priceless”.