10 Easy and Effortless Ways to Save Money

Saving money is a huge and painful task for many. No matter what they do, they simply cannot get around do saving more money. They desperately ask “how can I save money?” Depositing money into your saving account each month isn’t enough. For some people, they do not have money to save some in the first place.

Fortunately, there are some smarter ways to save money without giving up on your favourite things. If you are one of those people who are looking for simple and effortless ways to save money, here are some tips for you. Some may work for you and some may not. Read them anyway and tell someone who might benefit from them:

Delay that purchase

How can I save money when I need so many things? This is the question most people ask when it comes to saving money. Advertisements are so persuasive that you immediately want to buy that thing even if you don’t need it. This instant gratification is unfortunately the reality of the present time. So, all you need to do is delay buying things just because you want or feel the urge. Wait for a few days, week or even a month. After that if you still want it then go for it. It so happens that when you delay buying things you realise that you don’t need them. This realisation will help you save money on expensive buying.


Sometimes DIYs can work wonders. Try making gifts at home instead of buying them from the store. There are plenty of cool videos online that will teach you to make gifts at home that too without spending money. You can make cookies or cards at home and make it personal so that the person you are gifting feels like you have made an effort. The next time you think”how can I save money on expensive gifts?” Think DIY.

Homemade foods are the best

Why eat all the junk outside when you can make simple and healthy food at home and feel just as great? Start packing your own lunch or cook dinner at home, and you will see a remarkable difference in just a few days. If you think you don’t have time you can do batch cooking for the whole week. This way you will not only stay healthy you will also save plenty of money.

Sell things online

There are plenty of things lying around in your home that you no longer need like your old clothes, books, CDs and DVDs, furniture, gadgets and other stuff. You can sell them online on websites like eBay that sell used products and earn some extra cash. Or you can barter them for other things you need with people who are selling things they don’t need.

Avoid Credit Card Debt

Paying debt is one of the painful tasks that people have to do when they don’t have money and use the credit card. Quit using the credit card for a while. The additional debt isn’t helping anyone. To remove the temptation, just leave the card at home when you are going out. One of the biggest reasons for the mounting debts for people is the credit card. It gives you the buying power, but it takes away so much more.

Buy online at cheaper deals

How can I save money on online shopping? One of the best things about shopping online is that you can compare rates and buy the same stuff at cheaper rates. Also, online stores are always offering things on sale and at discount prices. You can take advantage of the online offers and buy things you want at cheaper rates.

Cancel unused subscription and membership

With the automated deduction of money from their account people may forget they are spending money on unused subscriptions and memberships. If you have a gym membership but you barely go there, cancel it. Likewise, make a list of things that you have subscribed to like a magazine or TV channel and cancel them if you don’t use them often.

Put Up reminders

If you have the habit of forgetting how much money you owe on the debt, then you need to put on a visual reminder to help you remember things. A post-it note, a reminder from the app on your mobile, a visual board – any of these things can serve the purpose of reminding you about your impending debt.

Review before you buy

Before you buy that new clothes or shoes from the store make sure that you have gone through your closet. This will help you determine whether you really need new clothes or shoes. Often people forget how many clothes they have at home. Some of the clothing items may remain at the back of the closet unused for all those months.

Travel smart

One of the daily expenses for people is travelling. Try public transport for a change instead of taking your own car. This might help you save a few bucks on the gas money. You can carpool with your friends and family when going to the same destination. Travel smart and save money.

These are some of the easy tips that can help you address the question how I can save money. These are some of the simplest and effortless ways to cut down the cost and save money.

Try some of these tricks now.